Monday, August 27, 2012

Living Room Flooring Ideas And Plans

Design and assemble floor in order to be beautiful requires precision design. In assembling the floor, we can create the desired atmosphere of the room because each room has its own floor requirements. Function space, user space, the location of the room, the theme of the room, flooring material, flooring and harmony with the architecture of the building are the things to consider. Themes of colors and styles that you want to show can take the concept of traditional ethnic, modern minimalist, or another style according to the character and architecture of the building occupants. However, the spirit of creativity and innovation in designing the floor of the house still needed.

marble flooring ideas for living room

terrazzo flooring ideas for living room
terrazzo living room flooring ideas
tile flooring ideas living room
tile living room flooring ideas
wood flooring ideas living room
wood living room flooring ideas
Size flooring materials, especially materials of marble, granite, tile, and terrazzo, will affect the impression of broad-narrow for a room. If the space is small or narrow (bedroom, bathroom), select the size of the material that are small anyway to give the impression of vast space. As for the room is spacious (living room, family room), large-sized materials will help to balance the impression of vast space. The spaces in the (living room, family room, bedroom) can use the floor slippery surfaces like mirrors and glitter. 

Terrazzo flooring colored dark gray and yellow which seemed simple and antique home can be exposed properly done neatly. The combination of plaster in some places will look unique and reducing the need for plastering all over the floor.

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